CPPColorPlus Painting, based in Madison, Wisconsin, is a professional interior painting business. When you hire us you not only hire a woman-owned service, but you receive a painting company that cares about the quality of work, your budget, good communication, and the satisfaction of our customers by providing you with a measure of trust and reliability from our 30 years of experience. ColorPlus Painting is prepared to take on one room projects as well as whole house painting.

ColorPlus focuses solely on INTERIOR PAINTING so that exterior weather conditions do not interfere with scheduling. Projects get started on time and completed within homeowners expectations. Mary and her crew is prepared to take on one room as well as whole house painting and everything between.

You have your colors chosen? Great, we love your confidence and creative foresight! We can get started quickly.

Still not sure what color(s) are right for you? YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. We have a sane method to the color madness. Lots of it has to do with finding the color relationships that will be in the space you are updating, and finding a balance of warm and cool colors. Actually there is more to it than that, and it is worth every penny to get solutions – at least that is what our customers tell us.

So this is ColorPlus Painting — Great color – your picks or our picks for you, and Fantastic Professional Painting to help you create your dream home,  move from your present home, or warm up to the place you call home.

We Help You Feel Great About Your Home  

Mary Tracy
Mary TracyColor Consultant / Painter
Mary Tracy, owner of ColorPlus Painting, has decades of experience as a professional painter. ” I started painting at 18 yrs old to support myself, and found a passion for tools, learning construction, and all things remodeling.” After learning and practicing carpentry for years, she earned a degree in Woodworking through Madison College, paused to have a family, and started back to work painting. In 2002 she was noticed for her work with color around Greater Madison Area as the leading color consultant, as she ran several painting crews to carry out her color schemes for hundreds of homeowners. “Years of color and design work and general contracting and I still love to paint, whether I paint on my own or with my professional painting buddies. The results are immediate and the work is physical. I crave movement in my everyday workday, so painting is a good thing for me to be doing. ” Mary and her crew is prepared to take on small one room projects as well as whole house painting. ” I like to use good paint- it is more costly- but the paint goes on smoothly and less paint is used- so many times paint materials costs actually go down.

In addition to her work, Mary enjoys working with pastels and creating fine art paintings. She keeps herself agile with yoga practice, fit by biking, hiking, and walking her dog, and healthy by eating well. She is also a proud mother of a college student at the University of Minnesota School of Design and Architecture.


Why Choose Us?    

Our Mission is to deliver the highest quality painting services to fit your chosen budget with an additional eye to color preferences to fit your needs. We strive to give you solutions and performance that will have lasting value.

Work smart. Be trustworthy. Communicate well. Be respectful of the space we are entrusted to improve.


  • Have busy, responsible lives, and want a painting contractor who will do a great job with no supervision.

  • Want their homes to look spectacular, and know that it takes a special contractor to achieve it.

  • Are not only concerned with the product, but with the customer service they receive.

  • Are discerning, intelligent and detail-oriented. They want a job well-done and appreciate good communication

  • Care more about overall value than about the cheapest price.

Our Promise – What you can expect!

Expect clean lines, knowledge about paints, best practice and techniques.

Excellence in service and communication.

Your needs considered: budget, color, timeline, and more.

We Serve Dane, Dodge, Rock, and Sauk Counties.